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Kim Millen painted at my 50th birthday party.  She was great because she was both a lot of fun and very good with her art.


The most helpful and all around great person to assist you in your housing needs.  So knowledgeable and responsive, clients keep coming back to her.

Talented artist and creative genius.  I’m so looking forward to see what he does with my trailer project.

A Portland favorite of mine.  If you haven’t been it’ amazing…. view, food, buttery leather booths, garden and more.

I bought these save ur sacs for gift bags for my Oscars Party.  They were a hit and I use mine in my daughter’s lunch all the time.






This is my neighbor, friend, and amazing artist.  It’s fun to look at her installations and see if you’ve seen them around town.  Anne and her husband Mel (Boxhaven) make earrings.  Anne and her sister Julia run the Art Garage, a wonderful experience for children and adults.























This is the website of my old college room-mate.  She’s as lovely inside as she is outside.  She has an incredible story to tell and some serious skills.

teacher who went on leave to write/publish/promote book…. and I was placed in his classroom.  For the whole year I heard, “you’re not Mr. King!”  no, I’m not…. but sometimes wish I were!

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