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Birthday June 2017

One of the best ways to ensure your friends will save-the-date, and join you is to plan an event for your birthday.  This year I wanted to check out some cocktail bars that I had heard about so I decided to plan a Lyft Cocktail Crawl.  I researched when the bars opened, the drinks they specialized in, the food choices, and the layout of the map.  Then I made a plan and sent out the invites.  

Our first stop was Circa 33 because it’s a Speakeasy with great food.  It was the perfect place for me to hand out the name tags and drink cards.
















Guests were to keep track of the favorite drink at each place on the card.  The name tags asked guests to write their “bar name,” and one word on how they knew me.  The 5 little ovals were for the stickers I placed on their name tags for each bar they attended.  Those who made it to all 5 bars got a prize at the end.

Some guests came to only one or two stops and some attended each one.  It was a perfect way to mix and mingle with an eclectic group of my friends.


Fiesta 2017

With all the back yard work in May we postponed our Cinco de Mayo party and had a fiesta instead.  We had our usual pinata and smores around the camp fire.  I made my strong margaritas, Mary (friend) made her Mexican Chocolate Brownies, Sharri (friend) made her Verde Carnitas.  Yum Yum Yum!

Halloween candles saved for this party.  Note in the background the area for the shed is full of plants and the red rhododendron tree.

Skulls from our Puerto Vallarta Trip.

Pinata fun.  Eleanor is the last one to bat and then the line starts all over again starting with the smallest, Ava.


Trisha’s 50th Birthday Parties…. June 2015

In 2015 I was turning 50 years old, so I spent the first six months of the year reflecting about my life and my overall conclusion of feelings was gratefulness and blessed.   In my younger days,  I truly doubted I’d make it to this age.  I made some choices (like we probably all have) where I could have ended up in a ditch instead of home safely.   But with age comes a bit more wisdom, and in my thirties, I stopped most of my reckless behavior.  Having my health, an amazing child, and building a life and family with my partner, has made me feel really blessed.  I am grateful for all the adventures  and  loved ones who have touched my life thus far.

So … how to plan a way to celebrate that all?  I decided to have more than one party.  For my teacher friends and professional connections, I had a happy hour gathering at the Imperial Tap Room.


Then in order to really connect with my close girlfriends, I decided to have an intimate party at Hele Pele, in the Chiefton’s room.  Great drinks, great food, and fun atmosphere.

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Then I wanted to have a party in my backyard that I could plan, make crafts, and have fun.  I decided on the Queen of Heart… but not the Alice in Wonderland version.  More the Tarot card version as that is my card.  I decided I wanted to have face painting, photo booth, and little gifts to give back.  Jamie surprised me with a great game where everyone wrote one word down to describe me, then the words went into a hat.  The guests all had to pull out one of the words and say how it reminded them of me, even though it wasn’t the one they had originally put in the hat.  It was sweet, short, and a great idea.

Kim, our face painting artist is fantastic and fun.

More about the crafts on “crafty.”


11137195_10207053302474514_4789159597694892538_n 10632826_10207036680778982_4449399815506426792_n 11539642_10207036679298945_5615932525443973286_n 11406469_10206933213552366_6229565800857369045_o 11402442_10206932802142081_6934029540316047464_o 10869453_10206932802182082_7254791631401146801_o keep-calm-and-off-with-their-heads-4





























The last birthday party was inviting friends with kiddos to the beer tasting event at the Oregon Garden.  Sunday was a, “welcome kids,” day with activities.  I invited our family friends with children to that event.  We brought a picnic and tasted yummy beer and the kiddos played and explored the garden.  It was lovely.  We finished off the night at the restaurant in the Oregon Garden Resort/Inn.







Eleanor’s 10th Birthday Party.  July 2014

On a hot July day, we started preparing for Eleanor’s birthday.  Our idea was make dolphin cookies to put on top of the cupcakes with wave frosting.  photo 3-8We saved our baking until late at night, in an

effort to photo 2-9keep the house cooler. I used a Martha Stewart dark chocolate recipe.  The batter was delightfully fluffy.  In all my baking I use Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Pastry Flour.

We usually have two parties for Eleanor.  One, we call, “The Family Party,” which means a BBQ in our back yard with our neighbors and adult friends.  photo 4-6

The second party is her birthday party proper.  Eleanor invited her friends to meet us at a local park to swim in the pool and enjoy cupcakes.  Jamie takes the kiddos into the pool, and I set up the picnic tables for the party.

photo 4-7

Instead of gift bags, Eleanor and I decided a pinata would be perfect.  We are trying to get away from plastic toys, made in China, that no one plays with anyway.  For snacks we continued the dolphin theme by having gold-fish crackers and blue colored fruit…. (blueberries, grapes, etc.).  I set up each place setting with a plate, napkin, and juice box in a gift bag.  The gift bags would be used for the pinata loot.  photo 2-10photo 3-9



The pinata was a challenge to put up without a chair or ladder, but a child on her mother’s shoulders did the trick.  The cupcakes had were transported in a cooler as the day was so hot.  But we needed cold beer for the adults, so a cooler is a given in party planning.

photo 5-5photo

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