Enter…Eleanor Parks-Orr

photo 27/4/14, today … wait stop I need to get eggs from our neighbors with chickens.

Ok I’m back…wait,stop I  need to make a  blueberry-raspberry, cornmeal  cake.

Ok I’m really back, where was I?  oh yeah, I organised all our fireworks and then started typing this.

We have neighbors who have illegal fire works.  It’s fun watching them go in to the air.

Mom is giving me grief about editing this. 🙁

You know, I just want you to ask questions (on the blog)  so get started, and I’ll put answers down on this page in a day (at most).photo 1


4 thoughts on “Enter…Eleanor Parks-Orr

  1. I suggested to Eleanor that she write about her chores (as you see she was interrupted by them). She said, “no,” because she didn’t want to encourage other mothers to give their kids chores!

  2. Hey Eleanor! It’s me, Emmy, one of your best friends. This blog is so cool, I might try one of the crafty projects some time.Great job!

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