Enter…Trisha Parks

2017…. now our lovely Eleanor is 12 almost 13 and I’m finally getting back to this blog/site.  I hope to do a better job keeping up this summer as I’m very excited about our back yard projects.  Stay tuned for the trailer project, organizing our new shed, and planning for our studio.

Back in 2014 …….  I have a 10-year-old daughter and she daily amazes me. Our years are flying by and my best quality time with her is during the summer,  when I am not working. We go on adventures or “field trips,” and we wanted to review our experiences. We also love to read, write, and share.

We have a terrific community of friends and professionals and when appropriate I want to give them credit for their amazing contributions to our life.

My daughter is lucky enough to have two moms and she has completely different experiences with her other mom (my partner of 17 years). I hope there will be opportunities for them to share their reviews here as well.

I use the word, “enter,” for my first message on my first blog because I’m entering a world I know nothing about.  I’m like a  6-year-old trying to drive a stick shift.  I’ve been in a car, I know about the steering wheel, but otherwise it’s all a guess.